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The Correct Job interview technique

Looking for a job can be hard work and when you finally get one, you can breathe easy and relax. However, if you have been attending interview after interview for a good amount of time to no avail, then you know first hand how frustrating the whole process can be and in some cases, your self confidence will gradually begin to fade away. Passing an interview has more to do with certain procedures such as adequate preparation, good presentation, confidence, and not just your academic  qualifications   You need to come up with a job interview technique or procedure that will boost your chances of not only passing the next interview, but securing the best position as well  Here are a few tips

Prior to the interview:
Update your CV,  ensuring all relevant information, i  e  your personal details including contacts,  employment history, education qualifications,  skills, and references

In  the meantime, research and familiarize yourself with the organization  Find out what business the organization is involved in, how long they have been in existence, goals and vision, as well as details of the position you
applied for.

Prepare answers for various questions such as your career goals,  short term or long term, employment gaps in your CV, why you left previous employment,  etc  prepare questions to ask as well,  such as why the position is vacant. Practice the interview with someone It will help you work up some confidence and practice voice control.

For the interview:
Dress appropriately. This is important because first impressions matter, regardless of the circumstances.  Dress modestly in well fitting clothes and look the part as far as the job position you are interviewing for is concerned. Keep time, lateness is a sign of incompetence and lack of seriousness.  Arriving in good time will also give you a chance to familiarize with the environment and other employees like the receptionist or secretary.

Throughout the interview:

Stay confident, smile and shake your interviewers’ hands firmly.

Maintain a calm tone when speaking and steady eye contact

Stay formal and avoid inappropriate language like slang

Stay interested in the conversation however boring it gets,

Stay on point when answering questions and keep them short. Avoid fidgeting, looking at your watch or clock on the wall

Ask the questions you had prepared in advance  This will show that you are interested and you have some knowledge regarding the position and the organization. At the end of the interview, smile , ask them when they are likely to get back to you and if you can call them to find out, thank them while shaking their hands again and take your leave.

After the interview.
If they do not get back to you with an outcome as promised, make a follow up call and be polite and respectful while at it. Whatever the outcome , remember to thank them for their time and the opportunity they gave you to learn something about their organization.
Write down the details of the interview, whether you passed it or not. This will help you hold on to the parts that went well and improve on those that did not work out well.

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