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It is important to note as you try to get a federal job that federal government views paid and non-paid experience in a similar light. Therefore, if one is having a volunteer experience in an area that has made him or her develop a certain skill, let it be presented the same way paid experience is presented. Remember, if you fail to offer a certain skills to the government, you will not get a credit for it. This therefore calls for a through preparation as possible.
It is very important to be updated on current openings as you find a federal job. This calls for a research and constant application for all jobs that one is qualified for.  The earlier you get the job announced, the higher your chances of getting employed. The reason is, most of these chances may have passed through long bureaucratic process and before they are announced to the public, very few days will be remaining and thus few applicants. This increases ones chance to find a federal job.
Finally, one should fill in the required application form answering all KSA and sending it to the necessary department. Make sure that announcement number, job title for which one is applying as well as any other necessary information required is availed. Apply in as many positions in other departments as possible and do not get discouraged. Federal government may take a long time to process applications but this should not discourage you. Therefore keep applying and still waiting and eventually you will get a federal job.

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